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How We Work

Shoes and Clothes for Kids is the only non-profit organization in Greater Cleveland providing new shoes and clothes at no charge throughout the year to thousands of children in need. Here’s how we do it:

Fundraising & Donations

As a non-profit organization that charges no fees to our recipients or distribution partners, receives no government support and is not a United Way agency, all revenue to support SC4K’s programs and operations are generated through fundraising.

SC4K relies heavily on the support of a wide variety of donors including individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations.

Some area corporations and community organizations collect new items, including socks and underwear, to donate to SC4K, especially during the back to school and holiday seasons.

Find out all the ways you can help here.

Purchasing & Packing

SC4K procures a majority of its children’s clothing items through a direct purchasing program utilizing a network of wholesalers that sell children's clothing at deep discounts. SC4K is able to purchase between $15.00 - $20.00 worth of brand new clothing for every $1.00 spent.

SC4K also purchases and distributes discounted Payless shoe gift cards instead of shoes, which allows families to purchase new shoes or boots of their choosing that are stylish and fit properly.

Throughout the year, groups of volunteers donate time to count and pack huge pallets of purchased and donated clothing at the warehouse. If you would like to learn more about scheduling a packing day click here.


SC4K partners with 24 social service agency sites located strategically throughout Greater Cleveland that determine a family's eligibility for the SC4K program. Every other month, distribution partners pick up boxes of clothing and Payless gift cards at the SC4K warehouse and distribute our products directly to families in need.

Learn more about our Distribution Partners here.

Changing Lives

SC4K positively impacts the lives of thousands of children each year by giving them the self-esteem and confidence that comes from having brand new shoes and clothes.

SC4K serves as a change agent for families living in poverty. By providing new shoes and clothes, SC4K connects families to other important programs and services that improve and enrich their lives. Families who come to a distribution partner site for free clothing, obtain access to food pantries, GED education programs, Head Start, daycare, after-school programs and more.