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In 2011, over $2.2 million worth of new clothing was distributed to 25,000 children throughout Greater Cleveland.

Skee Ball
Members of the SC4K Associate Board are participating in their 3rd Skeeson of Skee Ball at the Dive Bar.
Get Involved with SC4K
SC4K provides several unique volunteer opportunities specifically designed for young professionals who want to support the mission of SC4K, develop valuable leadership skills and participate in networking opportunities in the community.

Associate Board of SC4K
Founded in 2005, The Associate Board of SC4K is a group of 37 dedicated young professional volunteers who generate awareness and funds to support the work of Shoes and Clothes for Kids. If you are interested in membership on the Associate Board, we strongly encourage you to join one of our project teams first. You can see a list of current members here
Current Projects:
Are you looking for a long-term volunteer opportunity so you can actively contribute to the SC4K program and events? If so, SC4K several project teams that are led by and comprised of young professionals. These teams are lead by members of the Associate Board and are open to any young professional volunteer who is willing to show up and do a little work. You may even have a little fun! Get started.

Group Opportunities for Young Professional Organizations
Are you involved in another area young professional or community organization that is looking for a group volunteer opportunity for 10 or more members? If so, you may be interested in participating in a Packing Day at our warehouse to help us count, sort and pack new clothing into boxes for our distribution. Packing Days are a great way for you to provide volunteer opportunities for your group and learn about SC4K in the process. Many hands make light work! Fill out our volunteer form and select “Packing Days” to learn more about how your group can help.